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Germ Free works closely with our laboratory services to formulate tailor made & specialized solutions to our clients for EH&S compliant bacteria remediation:

Whilst innovating and developing ionic and anionic active surfactant media, products and coatings to combat various bacterial issues - we also design monitoring modules, systems and application protocols to solve the daily bacterial compliance challenges for various industries.


Protection That Works

Zone of Inhibition in - Agar Diffusion Tests

Zone of Inhibition in - Agar Diffusion Tests

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Germ Free is an active bio-static antimicrobial compound that kills 99.9% of Germs Bacteria, Mould, Fungi & Algae - Designed to stay active for 28 days and longer.

  • Protects - People, Products and Produce.

  • It is Non-Toxic, Eco-Friendly and Bio-Degradable.

  • Patented & Trademarked.

  • Certified and Registered - Internationally.

Agriculture - Farming:

Germ Free - Bio-Active, Food Safe - Fruit and Vegetable Coatings are highly efficient microbe killers. They lock in the goodness and keep out bacteria. - Germ Free shields & protects produce in transit.

  • Extends shelf life by up to 2 weeks.

  • Increase weight retention +/- 8%.

  • Seals in flavour - Keeps out odours and unwanted flavours.


Our proactive surface coatings & polymer additive systems:

  • Keep products cleaner, fresher and more durable. 

  • Prevent bacterial problems before they start.

Enhanced Zeolite / BIO-Lite:

Specifically designed for water treatments, aquaculture, livestock, and poultry farming. applications.

Germ Free BIO-Lite now has many new uses in industry, agriculture and manufacturing.

Medi-Tex / Textile Guard:

Germ Free Medical Textile Coatings are a patented coating technology which enables our bio-static antimicrobial active compounds to be incorporated into various materials producing permanent bacterial protection to woven fabrics.

Germ Free designs specific industrial coatings for various client efficacy requirements.

Industrial Applications:

  • Applications include: Textiles, Plastics for Packaging, Thin Films, Foams, Activated Carbon, Consumer, Medical, Healthcare, Department of Defense, and First Response,

  • Master batch resins for above applications in addition to building construction materials, industrial surfaces.

  • The polymeric antimicrobial technology is a highly effective, permanently bound antimicrobial providing protection from gram positive and gram negative bacteria, fungus, mold, algae, spores and viruses.

  • Listed and approved under European BPD •EPA label Approval

June 1, 2010 FDA listed as a modifier to medical devices, 510(k)-able


Germ Free works closely with our laboratory services to offer tailor made and specialized solutions to our clients for EH&S compliant bacteria remediation whilst innovating and developing customized, integrated products, modules and protocols to solve the daily compliance challenges of various industries.

  • Germ Free Antimicrobial offers complete solutions to enable the efficient and effective management of bacteria data relating to regulatory compliance, hazard communication, environmental reporting, and inventory management throughout every phase of your product life cycle.

  • Contact us to learn more about how our flexible and affordable solutions can help your enterprise stay ahead of the competition and comply with ever-changing regulations.

  • Export your products in confidence.

  • Germ Free’s international registrations & accreditation save you time with regulatory compliance documentation, whilst protecting your produce and products.

How does it work?

Germ Free does not use poison, chemicals or alcohol to kill bacteria. Germ Free is food=safe, bio-degradable, eco-friendly and water-based with a similar toxicity level to that of vitamin C (LD-50)

Germ Free is applied as a mist, foam or wipe then left to dry. 
Once dry, Germ Free resembles a bed of microscopic pins that attract, pierce and kill pathogens – the same principle as a pin popping a balloon.

NO resistance and NO Super-Bugs!

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We have your EH&S Compliance Solution

Export your products with confidence - International Registration & Accreditation

Germ Free manages workplace & production-line bacteria data from a centralized database to quickly & easily generate documents for product certification whilst designing protective & remediation protocols for standard and emergency containment measures.

  • Bio-Security - Bacteria Management Solutions

Germ Free Bio-Management Services design industry specific application protocols and design bacteria data collection and monitoring systems tailored to client requirements.

  • Regulatory Compliance for EH&S & GHS

Germ Free Antimicrobial generates compliant regulatory documents for all major global markets, including GHS-compliant safety data sheets (SDS) & labels in more than 50 languages.

  • Safety Data Sheets - Labels & Laboratory Test Results

All Germ Free Technical Data, laboratory and Safety Data Sheets along with Toxicological test results per species are available for specific industry usage and protocol design.

  • Certificates of Cleanliness & Bio-Safety Verification

Germ Free Antimicrobial monitors and records product, produce and facility bacteria data. offering certification documentation, verified by internationally accredited independent laboratories.

Through our independent laboratory testing services (Microchem) - We can offer microbial analysis of various types of food and agricultural products, including - water and waste water, consumer products, soils and fertilizers,

Assessment of shelf life of our antimicrobial consumables for food products, Antibacterial sensitive tests etc.

We take pride in sharing knowledge and expertise through training programs, workshops and seminars.

In keeping with this philosophy we provide consultancy services to our clients to achieve system certifications such as ISO 9000, ISO 22000, ISO 14000 etc.

We also provide tailor made testing services to meet the various types of customer requirements



Although there are other Laboratories and lab service companies, Microchem is our preferred service provider - offering complete and independent hygiene seminars, advice and tutorials.


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Client Relationship Representative


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Germ Free

Industry Sectors


Germ Free

Core Products

GF-71 “Once-a-Month” Surface Sanitizer

GF-70 “Once-A-Day” Hand & Skin Sanitizer

GF-35 Textile Guard Coating for textiles

GF-41-w Packaging Finish Coating for Plastics & Paper packaging

GFm-90-sg Polymer Powder Additive for Paints, Resins & Base Materials - Minerals

GFm-93e Emulsion Alcohol Based Additive For Inks - Dyes & Medical Products

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