IT - Software  & Competency in:

  • Microsoft / Word / Excel / Power Point / Office / 3D.

  • Quick Books - Accounting Software

  • Pay Role Software  (HR - Human Resource Management)

  • CAD systems for laser cutting steel, aluminium, titanium.

  • CAD 3D machining software for milling machines. 

  • CAD Cutter-plotter with print capabilities. (used in sail production and pattern cutting).

  • Google Analytics.

  • SEO.

  • Web Design / Fabrication.

  • WEB Shop Design.

  • Video Presentations.

  • Video Fabrication / Editing / Photography.

  • EH&S software systems.

  • GHS & EH&S Software / Global Chemical Tracking / Labeling. 

  1. Multi-Layered / Geo layering for - 

  2. Marine terrain mapping.

  3. Bio analysis data sharing.

  4. Sonar imaging.

  5. GPS Tracking real-time.

  • Satellite-VHF-VHS-Cellular interface and software communication. 

  • Bar-code- QR-code assignment & tracking.( product-sales demographics etc. 

  • RF signal loading for product labels with global tracking.     

Note to the Reader

Some of the work I have done has been for military companies and is protected under "Non Disclosure Agreements"  or  "IP" rights. However, the applications for this work can be attributed to different  industries as long as there is no direct conflict of interest.

Dillon Francis Oberholzer.