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"Running a small professional business today requires a myriad of skills encompassing legal, regulatory. HR management, tax and accounting disciplines, whilst utilizing the latest computer software programs and marketing techniques not to mention client liaison and community involvement.

Operating a legally registered and licensed marine business requires substantial knowledge of and compliance with regulatory components of EH&S , EPA, OSHA, FDA statutes, international maritime law, customs, Local, state and national governmental registrations, regulations and requirements, etc., etc."

Dillon Francis Oberholzer


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  • EH&S / REACH / ECHA / EPA / FDA / EIGA Regulatory.

  • Chemical / International / Regulatory Consulting. 

  • Bio Management Consulting / Industrial Assays. 

  • Agriculture / Aquaculture. 

  • Manufacturing / Plant Management. 

  • Electronics Interface. 

  • Bacteria remediation protocol design.

  • Roof Design and Construction Experience.

  • Outreach Programs. 

  • Ceramics Compounds & Glaze Technology.

  • Marketing & Sales Experience. 

  • Business Management Experience.

  • Import / Export Experience.

Dillon Francis Oberholzer

Born 1st of February 1970  -  Citizen of South Africa 


International Work Experience In General

Although much of my experience is marine based, one project and client has led to another,  bending into a myriad of different disciplines. When you have reached my age and achieved what I have, there is not much one cannot accomplish.

Please note that these pages are merely an insight into work I have done in the marine and other related industries around the world. I have spent much of my life sailing and working in boat yards. Normally, as a business owner,  employing between 6 and 12 staff. The moment I start a business the work has always poured in. This can be a bad thing as one tries to keep up with demand. It is hard to say no to a person who's boat is sinking or who's life long dream is to fix his dad's boat and go sailing with his family.

Many of the people I have worked with or for , could write books on various marine projects and yacht building techniques, as such I count my self as being fortunate to have worked with many of them. 

 Being either a laborer,  shop owner or subcontractor, the most important factors when building boats or manufacturing products is your shop layout, the tools, machinery, cutting blades and cleanliness. This generally helps in the organization of ones projects, line production and staff management. 

I am as comfortable taking direction from a client as I am an employer. When one is project focused, they are one and the same thing. The biggest difference are the myriad of legal and financial responsibilities and hours of book work that comes with owning your own company or operating as a subcontractor. 

1988 to 1989   / Atlas Aircraft RSA / Apprenticeship ( 1 Year)

1.      Aeronautical composite foil and wing component design & construction

2.      Structural elements lay-up and assembly using aluminium and carbon fiber

3.      Adhesion technology for helicopter blades / design mechanics / engineering solutions

4.      Wing inspection for mirage aircraft ( RSA Cheater)

5.      Avionics installation / anti-radar materials adhesion and coving solutions.


1989 to 1990    / Crown Slate Roofing (JHB / RSA) (six months)

1.      Team management for commercial bank projects in Johannesburg

2.      Roof design / normally 60% pitch

3.      Truss and rafter design and manufacturing oversight

4.      Brandering / cleating

5.      Mine liaison for materials purchasing ( grey / silver / brown slate)

6.      Factory floor cutting plant oversight for slate selection

7.      Project management / normally 3 teams of 12 workers at 3 sites simultaneously.

8.      Main clients / Ned Bank / NBS / Standard Bank

1990 to 1991     Impressions / Fashion Jewelery Design

 1.      Ceramics Glazing Division / porcelain firing procedure at 1100 degrees centigrade for glazing and enameling finishes for various material substrates including Phosphor Bronze / steel / SS / Aluminium.

2.      Cataloguing over 1000 recipes for glazing techniques and colours / hardness final finishes electrical conductivity measurements (for semi conductivity)/ exposure to marine and other environments, etc. This was predominantly for use in industrial coating for OIL & Gas Industry / Mossgas / Shell / BP.  

3.      Integration of mining suppliers’ information and mineral content for glaze identification and cataloging purposes.

4.      Implementation and start-up of Molding and design department for mass production line to facilitate national orders. (Fashion jewelry and garment industry-earrings and buttons)

5.      “Out-reach Program” with King Goodwill Zwelithini (king-Zulu Land / KWZ) to employ 500 villagers to produce products piece-meal for international orders.

6.      Production line and assembly line design.

1991 to 1993     Impressions / Fashion Jewelery Design

(Durban KZN- RSA)

7.      Corporate product design / fashion industry liaison / Corporate uniform and head office Liason.

8.      Opened National Button manufacturing, design & sales department.  Worked with national                     fashion industry and clothing manufacturers.

9.      National Marketing campaign design

10.    Marketing management / Opened 5 branches nationally.

1993 to 1994      Sailing School Instructor ( Majic sailing School- weekends / KZN-RSA)

1.      General sailing instructor / weekends

2.      Created reciprocity  relations with Royal Cape Yacht Club (RCYC),  Royal Natal Yacht club (RNYC)             University of Natal Yacht Club (UNYC) and Point Yacht Club (PYC) Natal.

3.      Racing (Grand-Prix) course design, instructing and certification.

4.      Membership of Dart Catamaran Association Durban Natal- Race and event coordination.

5.      Member of Hobie Association.

6.      General boat maintenance and fleet addition through start of owner compensation programs

7.      Commencement of Day Charter operations. (3 vessels & crew).

8.      Marketing charter fleet sailings to Corporate clients currently working with.  (All National Banks             Oil & Gas Industry etc.)

1994 to 1995           Started Tourism Business(Cape Town RSA)

 1.      Due to the change in the national political structure of RSA and the uncertainty it caused in commercial industrial future of country many contracts were dissolved and more than 50 % of business invoice / orders were not paid.

2.      Started tourism business with shops in Cape Town and charterboat company operating out of the V&A Waterfront.

3.      Opened 3 additional Tourist shops and up graded boat to ocean sailing vessel.

4.      1996 when the Rand dropped in value took all stocks / inventory from shops and sailed to USA.

1996 to 2000            USA Touring and Business

 1.      1996 Opened tourist jewellery shop in Poulsbo WA State.

2.      Due to slow winter season, I started doing jewellery trade and craft shows across the USA.

3.      These shows were so successful that I built 2 rigs.  One operating the northern states and the second operating the southern states.

4.      Due to time frames and work load I employed an agent to handle all show bookings. On an average weekend I would talk to an audience of 100 000 people over 4 days. This I did for 2 years / 52 weeks a year.  Traveled over 250,000 miles across the USA in 3 years.

5.     In 2000  I returned to RSA and bought another sailing boat.

2000 to 2001           Captaining / Caribbean / New York

 1.      Could not get government lease - licence for Day Chartering  (Non-compliance due to affirmative action regulations)

2.      Left RSA . Sailed my own boat from Cape Town to New York.

3.      Captained various vessels along the way and liaised on various projects.

4.      Started sailing school and marine academy on the  Island of Greneda. ( local fishermen could not swim or navigate)

5.      Captained "Titan 1" for Ted Turner.  “Pineapple Cup” -  Miami to Montego Bay

6.      Captained Sailing boat for Lori Greiner family for 5 months in Caribbean (owner of QVC / member of TV show Shark Tank) Captained vessel from Grenada / Venezuela / Aruba. Ran Aruba Terminal & Marina

7.      Captained Sailing boat for Joe Betz / lawyer for Secretary of state Henry Kissinger ( met and entertained) Cuba / Cancun / Bahamas

8.      Captained “Carpe-Diem” owner Frank Virgentino from Cancun to New York (Frank owns 10 Marinas in New York) I landed up running his flagship Marina “Minneford Marina on City island.

2001 to 2002        New York / USA Minneford Marina /  Doyle Sail Loft

 1.      After captaining Franks boat to New York I was offered the job of running day to day operations at the Minneford Marina. This I did for 6 months.  

2.      Having no affinity for his business practices I moved  from Franks Marina to Doyle sails (next door) and headed-up their “Cruising Division”

3.      Whilst representing Doyle Sails (City Island) on the Annapolis Boat Show I was introduced to Rudolph Oloefse who offered me a Production Managerial position to start a marine company to build catamarans in Tacoma, Washington State, an area I knew well.

4.      Setting up the Catamaran Factory involved direct communication with the Tacoma City Council for location and tax benefits. I also had to work with the USCG, EPA and other State and National agencies and institutions. This I accomplished in 18 months with the first 80 foot Catamaran launched on time while starting the second - sister ship and whilst setting up for the 105 foot ferry cat designed by Kurt Hughs for Catalina Island / LA .

4.     I was there after awarded the commissioning contract (for my company "Diamond Blue Marine") to install and finish electronics , interior finishes, rigging, sails, and all deck equipment. 

5.     The sea trialing and systems implementation for(Navigation, engineering systems, electrical and mechanical along with USCG certification of sea worthiness were all accomplished timeously.



Seattle / Aquaculture

Whilst owning and operating a sail loft with 12 + employees….

 I started developing and designing aquaculture pods for free range fish farming clients in the North Sea and inland systems for white shrimp and prawn farming operations.

This included but was not limited to design, labor management / scheduling etc.

It also involved the design of feed additives and delivery / storage systems and processing protocol design including EH&S protocols and other general operation systems design / manufacture and oversight, finally working with subcontractors, labor relations and export quality control.

Jordan- Middle East / Medical facilities

Through this work, bio-management and global EH&S contracts have been forthcoming in medical as well as agricultural fields. For Jordan I designed Bio management protocols for a Hospital reducing secondary infections in ER rooms and Operating theaters by 80%.


Consultation Based - I Liaised and advised through comprehensive virtual communications and data monitoring with local firms to design Sewerage treatment systems for housing projects. / Specifics on request / (NDA)

Montgomery International


Poultry farm feed supplement / processing facility bacteria monitoring advisement and waste water management / protocol design /

Specifics on request (NDA)

Montgomery International


 I have worked on Banana diseases and production line systems for bacterial control systems in processing and packing plants. By the implementation and design for electro-static nanoparticle antimicrobials, I repurposed and fused with applicable substrates and carriers for different specific applications which have increased the shelf life of the cut bananas by 2 weeks. Global value $100 million per day.

Specifics on request (NDA)

Montgomery International


I worked with Dole, Chiquita and Del Monte branded farms in their banana plantations to reproduce the India work with complete success.

Program / protocols and product design now adopted by agricultural supply giants, Disagro and Agrocentro


Aquaculture.  White Shrimp and Prawn farming and processing:

 I worked specifically on production plant processing systems for bacteria control to reduce the bacteria count in final export products by over 70 % thus extending shelf life and quality control through the feed to production chains with additives and EH&S systems including new transport & delivery systems from farm to processing plant and finally to processing management and bacteria monitoring systems


Program / protocols and product design now adopted by agricultural supply giants, Disagro and Agrocentro


General Farm & Aquaculture Planning Monitoring

Consulting Duties  

  • Provide specialised technical assistance on all aspects of machinery but not limited to: evaluation of machine maintenance, agricultural equipment, farm roads, drainage, irrigation and erosion control systems

  • Aquaculture pond and design relating to bed management / and materials ( Bio Divertity monitoring and control systems)

  • Participate in project feasibility and planning studies

  • Assist with preparing of project cost calculations, capital and operating budgets

  • Assist with business development and promotion of the Company and their Aquaculture and Water  Engineering teams / including spawning and growth pools, water and feed monitoring and evaluation. Feed supplements to cater for algae bloom events. 

  • Develop a structured development and growth plan 

  • Keep in line with budgets and targets for relevant projects

  • Management, preparation of tenders and bids for national and international tenders and enquiries

  • Network, develop and maintain sector business contacts

  • Sector marketing material development, management and maintenance

  • Training of staff, in order to optimize equipment functionality and operating techniques. 

  • Soil management 


6000 people died from Noro Virus in 2015

The mayor, Alvaro Arzu (ex-president of country), commissioned me to advise and remediate the Noro Virus problem whilst finding a lasting solution. This required testing, monitoring and overseeing all public transport systems to identify and isolate the bacteria source. Once identification was completed- 3 months, 12 lab assistants, 200 busses, 100 taxis, 20 hospitals and clinics and 50 municipal water mains, the source was identified and the remedy applied. (Along with application protocols, system and monitoring protocol design for ongoing evaluation).

This led to hospital trials which successfully reduced secondary infections by 80%.

Project stopped once the financial aid dried up.

CLIENT:   NEDSHIELD/  Switzerland


I designed Bacterial remediation protocols for the Flower Industry. Specifically, the “Rose” Industry in Central America on 3 farms where over 100 000 rose plants were tested over 3 cycles of 3 months.


Cut Life extension of 2 day was developed.

Program / protocols and product design now adopted by agricultural supply giants, Disagro and Agrocentro


Water Management

Deep Ground Water Remediation for  “OIL & GAS”  Industry

Heavy metal / arsenic / Mico and Aflatoxin removal with general bacteria control.


This involved the research fabrication and use of nanoparticles and molecular adhesion to porous substrate media to adsorb unwanted bacteria etc. This resulted in potable water and the elimination of sulfurous gasses.

The composition of the different media was specifically designed by me to operate in suspension at different depths and different altitudes for specific & definite periods of time to control and target specific bacterial organism growth. Physical testing and proof trials were done throughout Central America in hospitals, the Oil & Gas Industry, sewer waste water plants, lakes, rivers and deep ground water wells.

Clients:  Zoono International, Dole, Chiquita, Del Monte, AMSA, Various Municipalities.


Having to open an import-export chemical company in Central America for the use, production and distribution of antimicrobials for the “OIL&GAS”, Agricultural Industries and hospitals, I have been in exposed to and in close communication with titled agencies (above).

This involved training through Nedshield & Lisam International for EH&S Management & Certification courses through REACH / ECHA / EIGA / EPA and FDA seminars, lectures and programs.


This experience led me to work for Nedshield (military systems design firm / EU) for whom I designed a global geo-layer system to identify, track, monitor and eliminate “real-time” bacteria for various applications.

Thus, it is now possible to enumerate and identify what kind of bacteria is on an aircraft and see where it is, where it is going, where it came from, growth speed, etc.

An additional example; is that you can now identify, measure, and monitor the bacteria count for a container of supplies, chemicals, water, fresh food products , prior to opening or entering the stores.

For more information please visit this link:



Fresh Produce Commodity Trading

It is now also possible to estimate the value of any given container. The shelf life expectancy and value can be real time calculated and monitored for any produce prior to shipping, during and on arrival at any given port globally.

Lisam Switzerland - Germany and UK Branches

 For whom I liaised directly with the head of chemical departments of Global companies, on new and changing global (GHS) regulations impacting their company’s compliancy and operations.

This required the  understanding and evaluating of the impact of both up-stream and down-stream users and suppliers for chemical, plastics, pharma. mining and minerals as well as oil and gas industries. 

2016 through 2017

This involved closely advising over 500 global companies and their subsidiaries on the EH&S / Transport / Import -Export Regulatory impacts of new regulations.

click here for more information

 General Duties

 Included, evaluating the individual Global company’s requirements and their regulatory compliance failures, writing reports for their directors, using multi-platform EH&S transport tracking software and knowledge of SAP systems etc.


Responsible for supporting management in developing and implementing Quality Management Systems (QMS) elements and supporting existing infrastructure in compliance with International Standards Organization (ISO) regulations, and corporate requirements (or redrafting where necessary).

  • General EH&S Physical and Software System Implementation / Installation set-up and training support to relevant departments and personnel.
  • Database conversion and or migration. Services setup and installation
  • User Creation, Security Management, Input / output Control & Security
  • Back-ups and Recovery
  • Labelling solution set-up and process integration.
  • ERP / other system integrations including POS systems tracking and integration.
  • Product tracking from supply chain through manufacture and to consumer.( label design & printing50+ languages)
  • Global EH&S database for transport of hazardous and non-hazardous chemicals.
  • SDS(safety data sheets), and Work Station Card Authoring with GHS regulatory compliancy
  • Workplace safety Management / including, Chemical handling, hazardous materials & protective and emergency measures design, document authoring and protocol implementation.
  • Chemical Management / Global regulatory chemical data ( on file / servers) to efficiently manage and track inventory throughout lifecycle.
  • Content Library management / already have up to date library and access on existing cloud based software system / content managed automatically.
  • Industrial & Speciality Gas Compliance solution Management / end to end SDS solutions for industrial & Speciallity Gasses… GHS/ EIG/ CGA compliancy (all aspects).



  • Analysis of individual QMS elements and processes capabilities, including protocol design for procedures to drive compliant implementation therefore.
  • EH&S Company unit support for quality control, general & specific operations for supply chain departments and
  • Critical thinking: for efficiency initiatives, by providing technical support across organizations, levels, and groups.
  • Project planning, design, charter drafting and timeline creation.
  • Critical path creation for main stream business and dependencies, involving both up-stream and down-stream supply chain.
  • Capacity to overseeing 20+ projects that are running simultaneously.
  • Project team leader or internal consultant functionality, guiding local (internal or external) organization in the use of EH&S Quality tools in support of project execution, process improvement initiatives, and risk analysis activities through:
  • EH&S Software installation and systems design installation
  • Implementation
  • Application & customization
  • Application training to relevant personnel
  • Regulatory Advisory Services (REACH / ECHA / EIGA / EPA / FDA / etc.)
  • Document and process management for SDS (MSDS) authoring
  • GHS / EPA / REACH / ECHA / EIGA liaison and management.


 Status reporting to local management and global Quality / Operations/ Supply Chain counterparts on the progress of all Quality projects, working with and holding project team members accountable for deliverables. (up-steam and down-stream)

Ensured project compliance execution within GMP, ISO & GHS.

IVDD, (In-Vitro Diagnostic Device monitoring), analysis through company guidelines and requirements. (This I normally send out for independent verification)

Capacity to operate independently, to proactively fulfil tasks and achieve results within assigned timelines.

General Marine Experience

Starting out as a Sailing School owner / operator / instructor (Durban RSA), then as a boat Captain / Skipper, Marina Manager Caribbean and Florida USA) and  Boat yard owner / operator and floating dry dock owner operator( Seattle USA) I have worked closely with the EPA Coastal Marine Division and have in depth knowledge of governmental systems and regulations.

This experience led me into Bio Management Engineering in water treatment working in aquaculture where I have closely worked again with the EPA, FDA, (USA) REACH and ECHA, (EU). Not limited to hydro-pod and fish farm net design and manufacture, but into legislative documentation authoring for environmental safety applications, but also into feed supplements & additives to reduce fecal Bacteria. 


Skippering and Captaining

Various commercial marine enterprises have led to a vast knowledge of the marine industry and all it encompasses.  Skippering all types of vessels for over 30 years globally (1 circumnavigation / 45 foot sailing vessel), along with various client requests for out of the ordinary maritime projects has taught me to be a creative problem solver. Captaining trawlers, Tug Boats, diving vessels, Day charter yachts, etc. Valuable experience which has been applied to different disciplines.

I have owned different marine & boat building businesses globally. USA- East and West Coasts, RSA & Panama.

This experience has introduced me to oceanographic surveying and geo layering on cloud-based software I have developed.

  Marina / Harbor Management # 1.

During 2000- 2001 Operations and Security Manager / Riviera Beach Marina & Municipal Complex (West Palm Beach

 General Duties included client relations / Fuel dock operations / maintenance scheduling for 500 boats in water + 500 boats on rack + 800 transient boats (P/A) Management and booking of Conference Center / Polling (voting) station for “Bush Election”. Additional duties included security for 2 large Casino boats / 3 tug boats off shore fishing charter fleet & Offshore salvage vessels.

 Administrative Duties

Included EH&S Oversight, EPA Marine water management, testing and reporting. USCG relations, USA immigration paperwork submissions for foreign vessels, Import- export paperwork / customs and excise evaluation and general paperwork for all foreign boats and good entering or leaving port.

Liaison with EPA / USCG / Florida municipal entities.  

 Marina Management # 2.

Aruba Marina and Harbor

During 2002, I was the harbor master for the Aruba yacht basin with 85 births for super yachts 100 foot plus. My duties were to control all operations including Fuel dock cash box ($500k per month) Oversight and responsibility of All Marine Departments including all services / maintenance / chandlery store / equipment purchasing / marina staff management / bookings / website management etc.

The other half of the job was running and managing two, day-charter catamarans “Fun Factory” and” Fuji Films” these vessels sailed 3 times a day with an average of 80 souls on board per trip. I normally captained two sailings daily, average take per day 25k USD

Basic Duties included:

Contract liaison with cruise ship companies, hotel marketing and promotions / Travel agency promotion and marketing, crew management / onboard bar-restaurant supply and management etc.

Administrative duties:

, invoicing: accounts receivables, and payable / as well as payroll, taxes and insurances.  Additional duties included USCG relations, Aruba immigration paperwork for foreign vessels, Import- export paperwork / customs and excise evaluation and paperwork submissions for all foreign boats and goods and services required, along with the travel arrangements for subcontractors and crew for visiting vessels.

Owned by Mike Roche / Personal Friend.

Marina Management # 3

Minneford Marina New York

Maintenance and yard manager for 300+ vessels 400 slips

Liaison with EPA / USCG / New York State & municipal entities.  

20 staff

Owned by Frank Virgentino (personal friend)

 Sail Making:    2002- 2007

 Starting out in New York working for Doyle sail Makers I developed the skills I had learned in Durban South Africa. Responsible for Cruising and Performance sail design and manufacture. I also represented the company on all major boat shows including New York, Annapolis and Newark. Having been offered an opportunity to start a catamaran factory in Seattle I left and headed west.  

Diamond Blue Marine: Poulsbo Washington State

Sail Making / Interior Design and Pattern Making


Standard sail designs CAD print, Plot & cut. Siemens PLM Software (Product lifecycle management)

 I fabricated a 60-foot plotter table.  Owned and operated the sail loft with 10 staff. The sail loft produced yacht interiors as well as final canvas coverings, commercial upholstery for ferry boats and charter vessels for Alaska.

This normally equates to 20 + projects per month to oversee manage and control.

Clients included Stirling Yachts, Selene Yachts, Chris Craft, Robalo, USCG. US NAVY/ Bangor Base. Alemeda Naval Base (Aircraft Carriers).


 New Client requests opened up new interests; “Aqua-Pod Design” for free range aquaculture (fish) farming systems. Designs to be manufactured for off shore locations.

Diamond Blue Marine: Poulsbo Washington State

 Yacht Construction: (USA – 2003 through 2005)

In order to set up the Catamaran factory I had to liaise with the Tacoma City Council for all permits, permissions and labor tax reductions and credits. This was a mammoth task employing Boeing engineers, 400-foot long overhead rail cranes and a renovation of a naval facility prior to the commencement of the yacht building.

I Built two 75 foot and one 95 foot Catamarans in Tacoma WA / USA for day charter in Hawaii which meant close relationship building with USCG testing labs. One Catamaran was fitted with a delta wing hydrofoil cutting fuel consumption in half whilst creating a smoother ride. This vessel is now used between L.A. and Catalina Island.

Client: Kitsap Catamarans (owner Rudolph Oelofse  Captain RSA Navy- personal friend)

Infusion capabilities:

 I was the first person globally to pull a 75 foot hull section using Infusion technology.

Completed in 48 hours ( specifics on request spent over 200k(USD) in development of system)

(Until then the largest part made was 25 foot flat stock by Boeing)

 Hard and Software Communication Capabilities:

First person to integrate cellular and satellite communications with navigation software to start, drive and navigate a vessel remotely via cellular communication signals to laptop control (2003) for a private yacht.

 Production Experience

Have designed production lines for various manufacturing plants along with required EH&S protocols for OSHA, EPA and production line quality control management systems. Assembly line design and worker production protocol design in accordance with OSHA guidelines. This includes machinery and operation design, layout and safety equipment / measures.




·         Arc, mig and tig Welding   (above & below water)

·         Construction Millwright and Industrial Mechanic (milling machinery operation and service)

·         Electrician (12V / 24V / 36V / 110V / 220-240V / 360V-520V systems)

·         General Light Equipment Mechanic

·         Heavy-Duty Equipment Mechanics

·         Hydro Power (vane design & stress calculations) systems design, manufacture and install

·         Marine Engineering (vessels and systems)

·         Marine Electrical Technician (for install and maintenance)

·         Marine Equipment Electrician / software interphase for multi-platform / language

·         Millwright Capabilities for metal, wood and composites.

·         Plumber / positive and negative pressure systems design, manufacture & installation

·         Sheet Metal Working / (304/ 316 stainless / Aluminum / phosphor bronze)

·         Stationary Engineer and Auxiliary Equipment Operator (generators, pumps and cranes to            bulldozers)

·         Marine design / architectural elements for load and stress calculations for various                          components.



·      Requires special intuitive skills as well as in depth knowledge of above.



·         Requires special intuitive skills as well as in depth knowledge of above  



·      Requires special intuitive skills as well as in depth knowledge of above

·      Computer literacy / CAD / Microsoft Financial products / SAP 

·      Tax Law / international experience, evaluation and comprehension.

·      International Import / Export knowledge and experience. Including product tracking                   insurance / handling and monitoring.

·      Boardroom communications and inter-client relations with subcontractors.

·      Deadline management / project coordination

·      Licensing and Permits registration (International) / GVT- DPT relations.

·      Travel coordination for clients.

·      C.Y.A. / General Marine Insurance / Special cargo marine Insurance / Liability coverage /               worker / employee insurance / client and job insurance / Hazardous Materials licensing &               Insurance. Hazardous materials storage design. Chemical agent liaison / Governmental. 

·      Employee benefits and pension management.

·      Equipment and facility insurance and security.

·      On-line tendering / Web related services. (internet systems / IT tech & web services)



·      Requires special intuitive skills as well as in depth knowledge of above./ Relalant field of               endeavor / sales.( experience in the above fields)

·      Relationship building within the industry, locally, regionally and nationally.

·      Marketing campaign experience / multimedia and cross platform vertical integration.

·      Direct Marketing & Communication.

·      Local Chamber of commerce affiliations and relationship building / Governmental and NGO       relations.

·      Industry membership affiliation. Working with relative industrial entities.

·      Online Marketing / direct involvement and direction to online staff / attention to detail.

·      Community based promotions including local town hall and municipal promotions.

·      National out-reach campaigns designed through industry shows and events including multi-           media tools and staff / subcontractors / blog / internet campaign design.

·      Web design & maintenance / web shop / International Banking / intermediary banking                 systems for online tenders and shops.



·      Operation and maintenance of highly technical hydraulic sail furling systems, various propulsion systems, mechanical and power generation systems, enabling Naval, commercial and private yachts to operate in extreme conditions.

·      Capability to operate and maintain all marine systems and engineering equipment onboard ship / yacht as well as troubleshoot failures, advise on limitations and repair as required to restore systems functions.

·      Execute and track maintenance schedules to keep the ship’s / boat’s engineering equipment in prime condition.

·      Emergency Protocol Management / EH&S for hazardous materials handling, environmental impact assessments in case of spill or accidents. Hazardous Exposure Scenario Authoring, Evacuation Protocol design including those for onboard experts in firefighting and damage control for larger vessels. (specifically pertaining to hazardous chemicals)

My clients”

Generally, expect and rely on the Marine Technician’s / Contractors in-depth knowledge of the following systems of which I am well “au fait”

Ship yard and production facility safety protocol authoring. (EH&S)

·      Propulsion gas turbine and diesel engines and associated systems, including gearing and                 shafting

·      Generators and power distribution systems, including primary power systems, (onboard &             shore).

·      Hydraulic equipment and systems

·      Electronic machinery control systems

·      Fitted and portable damage control and firefighting equipment

·      Refrigeration, air conditioning and ventilation equipment

·      Fuel and other liquid management systems

·      ETC.

Yacht Interior Design & Structural Insight

 Fabric Identification / weave design & manufacture.

Yacht / Small Craft interior design / cad patterning / pattern design for production lines.

Standard sail designs CAD print, Plot & cut. Siemens PLM Software (Product lifecycle management)

  • Providing technical expertise to the designers and identification of and development of new innovative materials with fabric mills and weavers (UV stabilization / Mold- bacteria resistance / rub count analysis).
  • Making sure material use, ordering and pattern cutting are in coordination.
  • Consolidation and integration of project parameters within inter-related fabrication departments, regarding material design and usage to maximize profit margin and minimize wastage. As far as possible in alignment with the Materials Sourcing Strategy. (Stripes and patterns normally require high attention to detail)
  • Develop patterns with the shortest production lead-time, digitize and clean physical templates.  Commercial Strategy, highest production quality, client satisfaction and best price.
  • Coordinate and plan materials development project.
  • Coordinate the approval of materials to meet performance and quality standard for client requirements during the development stage.
  • Manage the materials database in PLM and cross reference client orders and pattern database.
  • Work with the Production team to solve any materials related production-line issues and coordinate / liaise with clients therefore.
  • Incorporate sustainability initiatives into all materials and product development without compromising the materials functional requirements


Many of these points are similar to the requirements for composite yacht construction. Whilst building boats one is constantly in communication with material providers to ascertain the best materials and construction methods pertaining to the different materials used and how they may be affected in combination with other composite materials. Both temperature expansion and post curing times are factors that need to included in designing the lay-up schedules and protocols for both hull and deck construction.

Ps. Working closely with designers can often be challenging as their knowledge of ever changing structural parameters for new (tested and untested) materials is often lacking. Delicate communication of material constraints and properties need to be impressed regularly.



Globally, Mostly recreation, Caribbean / Venezuela /South Africa / Great Barrier Reef / Central America/ UK / Volcano calderas at 6000 feet.


Piper & Cessna Aircraft 140/ 160, Paragliding / Hangliding / Sky diving.


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Service & Systems Overview

The BMS Global Geo Layered Bacteria Monitoring System

            The BMS System utilizes bio-luminescent quantum dot interfacing technology which ensures robust, reliable, real-time and up-loadable bacteria count monitoring.

BMS proprietary technology is presented as a “QR Code Bio-Label” and a “QR Code Water Probe”


Quantum Coding “Plug-In” Module Overview

The BMS Bio-label and BMS Bio Water Probe, bio count readings are simply read by any smart phone and the results are automatically uploaded into a graphic "Bio-Burden" report integrated into global geo-layered global map imaging software. This Quantum Coding “Plug-In” Module” shows high bacteria counts and threats when and where they occur. This is a standalone “plug-in” module, integrating multiplex systems developed by BMS to work within existing software structures.

BMS Bio-Labels

imprinted with quantum dot technology, allow software and clients informational data pages relative to the registered product to be presented on-line with this “QR” code label, which can be scanned and accessed by any smart phone anywhere in the world, quantifying general bacteria counts, Listeria, Salmonella, Ecoli and many more.


cellular systems (bacteria) requires identification and analysis of their multiple components and determination of how they interact. BMS Micro-array, (quantum dot) technology is one of the few tools that is able to solve such problems. The signal read-out from the printed microarray is done with the use of fluorescent nanocrystals named "quantum dots" (QD’s) which are sufficiently bright to be detected as individual particles. Extremely resistant to photo-bleaching, they create multiplexing capabilities enabling the microarray read-out option detection sensitivity to reach the single-molecule level.  

Quarantine information

and global tracking for real-time reading and monitoring of bacteria counts internationally, integrated with local regulatory institutions and their requirements, MSDS’s, Certificates of Origin, Product Registration, Usage Labels and Protocols along with the manufacturers web page and product information and data sheets, logistical data, P.O.S. systems, Bar Codes, etc. are all now available on a single page at the touch of a cell phone button.

Th BMS Bio Management Module

is available as an addition to our existing industry leading portfolio listed below.

Standard integrations between BMS software modules and various leading labeling applications have been developed in order to extend label design capabilities to produce GHS-compliant, rebranded and private labels for customers and distributors. In addition to the default templates, the BMS “conceptor” tool provides the client with the ability to create their own, personalized, multi-lingual templates and labels.

              Food production quality verification, bio safety, produce shelf-life and value can now be quantified and certified with ease!

The simple BMS “Bio-Label”

enables the complete tracking of all registered products and facilitates the automatic updating of all information pertaining to the product in question along with the total bacteria count and identification of many pathogen types for all produce, goods and manufactured products being sold or transported locally or internationally.

This technology uses crowd-sourced, cloud based application software, so that every time the BMS Bio-label is scanned or read, the bio data encased in the quantum dots are automatically uploaded to global geo-data layers.

The BMS System

can monitor, display and track the bio-data collected on public transport systems, in water ways, on-the-shelf products, livestock, farm produce, shipping containers, Food Production Facilities or Manufacturing Plants, Hospitals, Schools, Clinics, Public Areas, Stadiums, Lakes, Rivers, Ground Water, Flower Mills, Sewer Plants and All Finished Consumer Products, etc.

Once the BMS Bio-Label is scanned it automatically updates and generates a new inspection report, accessible by client authentication coding. These reports are only visible to authorized agents of the labels’ registered owner through secure password protection software. The programs and web pages are tailored to our clients’ specifications and requirements.

Data entry, analysis, monitoring, maintenance and protocol training is available to all clients with program module contracts.

 All “QD” Labels are traced, tracked, evaluated and certified within a single system within a single database.  All readable and accessible by smart phone.

As all the uploaded data is commodity categorized and available as “global bacterial geo data layers” they can be uploaded to the CDC or other national data bases for global or local oversight and Bio Contamination Monitoring, thus enabling BMS to offer specifically designed industry and region specific remediation protocols.


This software has been under development for some time and is now ready for implementation.


Once the QR Codes are assigned, GPS Coordinates can also be designated to specific locations and all Bio data collated can be portrayed in map, bar, pie or graph format, time sequenced to pin point the time, origin and spread of bio contamination.

Independently verifying results using mobile ISO-9001 compliant laboratory equipment, we ensure the ultimate proficiency in rapid result testing (15 seconds).

BMS-Slide-View (Plug-In)

BMS-Slide-View digital cellular phone software advances research microscopy through the quantum coding process. By managing image processing and data analysis.  BMS-Slide-View software interface allows bacteria monitors and evaluators to focus on investigation rather than instrumentation. 

BMS-Slide-View comes standard with drivers to control online data up-loads which are acquired in  native 2D and 3D formats. Time- delay, color and specimen locations are available in customizable protocols. Offline, data can be analyzed by a wide variety of tools for image processing including mathematical operations, statistics functions, analysis scripting and import/export to/from other laboratory software.

These test results can also be uploaded directly from our software and equipment or manually entered, enabling users to view field results, on location or in the boardroom. Identifying and developing individual Bio-Zones enables BMS to place bacteria or pathogen problems into specific transference Zones.

BMS Bio-Net (Plug-In)

BMS Bio-Net allows Slide-View to be taught specific analysis by example and then apply the analysis to large datasets for a significant increase in analytical throughput. BMS-Bio-Net gives Slide-View the ability to recognize cells and subcellular features based on morphology, making it possible to locate objects that are hard to describe. Employing proprietary technology, BMS-Bio-Net builds a typical representation that identifies persistent features from a set of images and finds objects that possess similar features from new images up-loaded. BMS-Bio-Net works on 2D and 3D data and can also provide the basis of geo data layering for global Bacteria tracking into transference zones.

Once these zones have been identified and separated by using individual monitoring and remediation protocols, we can archive this data enabling us to identify seasonal trends and predict bacteria bloom events for individual specific industries, areas, products or produce.


BMS offers a wide range of bacterial remediation products specifically designed to industry requirements.

Whether used in storage applications or in processing facilities BMS bacteria remediation products are cheap, highly effective, safe and easy to use.

International Regulatory Interface

BMS mobile access software can interface with Regulatory bodies such as EPA, FDA, GHS and REACH which are becoming more sophisticated, changing and adapting more frequently to global regulatory requirements.

The BMS core principle is to aid the REACH goal to avoid unnecessary testing on animals and reduce registration costs through data sharing and joint submission Data sharing with SIEF, (Substance Information Exchange Forum).  REACH Regulation requires companies registering the same substances to share data and to jointly submit their registration dossiers.

 BMS Joint Data Sharing

Is available to all clients and is updated globally. This enables the phase-in of substances of all registrants’ products. All BMS existing and potential registrants that have pre-registered the same substance are part of a substance information exchange forum (SIEF) that aims to:

1.     Facilitate the exchange of information on available data between co-registrants;

2.     Agree on classification and labelling where there is a difference between co-registrants.

3.     Many companies are looking beyond legal requirements to develop more sustainable products to meet both customer and consumer needs.

4.     If you are facing issues due to incomplete regulatory data, lack of standardization, or an inability to support new market entries with adequate product compliance documentation, you may need a more robust and proven solution that ensures that your products can be sold, shipped, and consumed in their intended markets.


Our industry leading portfolio includes:

BMS Intelligent Authoring

The BMS Intelligent Authoring application automates the creation of globally compliant and multi-lingual Safety Data Sheets (SDS), labels and hazard summary sheets as well as documents related to transportation, inventory reports, P.O.S. barcodes, bio count inspection reports and more. All information can be accessed by smart phone app through our Bio Sensitive Quantum Dot QR code labels.

Product Compliance Suite

The BMS Product Compliance Suite is a highly flexible “plug-in” component-based solution. It is specifically designed to provide seamless raw data management for all materials, chemicals, manufactured goods and agricultural products, through auto creation and authoring of SDSs and other safety related documents required to market and ship your products.

BMS-Data Base Online (CLOUD BASE)

BMS-DB Online is an online regulatory database for Environment, Health, Safety (EHS) and Transport Information. It has a built-in search engine to quickly enable you to locate global regulatory data and information on hundreds of thousands of materials and chemicals.

BMS Compliance Engine for EH&S

The BMS Compliance Engine for EH&S complements most data based EH&S environment software by assisting in the regulatory analysis of complex product formulations, generating hazard communication documents such as the Safety Data Sheet (SDS), and injecting a broad range of pre-packaged regulatory content and analytics into the BMS EH&S Module.


BMS-Data-Link products and plug-in modules, automate substance information and upload directly into various regulatory documents, authoring and management products.

Depending on the Business Systems, the creation of regulatory documents and reports are streamlined and for added efficiency are updated and delivered on a quarterly basis. BMS-Data-Links are available for major business system applications, including:

BMS-Data-Link – Transport (Product Compliance Suite)
BMS- Data-Link – Product Safety (Product Compliance Suite)
BMS- Data-Link for EH&S – Product Safety
BMS- Data-Link for EH&S – Dangerous Goods

Key aspects of BMS Product Compliance solutions are its managed regulatory content.

BMS Modules are designed to support your product compliance program providing comprehensive and current updated information that can help you avoid compliance-related risks and maintain ongoing access to key markets while ensuring certified bio safety.

More importantly, our in-house experts interpret the regulations to deliver a set of rules and logic that is seamlessly integrated with our software. This allows the automation and classification of your products according to regulatory requirements in each jurisdiction.


BMS content coverage includes all the required regulatory elements for EPA, FDA, REACH and GHS compliance in implemented countries, however, it goes beyond these broad based regulations and includes other key content such as:

  • Country-specific regulations such as WGK, TSCA, CFRs, Maladies Professionelles
  • Marketability data lists such as national inventories and lists of banned and controlled substances including U.S. (TSCA), Australia (AICS), China (IECSC), Japan (ISHL, METI), Korea (KECI), New Zealand (NZIoC), Philippines (PICCS), Taiwan (CSNN)
  • Occupational Exposure limits such as: U.S. ACGIH and OSHA, PELs, All E.U. Member States, Canadian Provinces, Australia, Japan, Hong Kong, Korean Republic.
  • Transport regulations such as IATA and IMDG
  • Substance physical, toxicological and eco-toxicological data from ECHA, REACH Registration dossiers, RTECS and AQUIRE

Industry-specific guidelines such as:

– International Fragrance Association (IFRA) Code of Practice

– CEPE Guidelines

– RoHS / Restriction of Hazardous Substances

– E.U. Detergents Regulation

– Global Automotive Declarable Substance List (GADSL)

– FIFRA: Inert ingredients permitted for use in nonfood use pesticide products

– California EPA ARB Architectural coatings VOC exclusions

– FEMA (Flavor and Extract Manufacturers Association) – FEMA Numbers

– E.U. Cosmetic products Directive (76/768/EEC)

– Inventory and Common Nomenclature of Ingredients Employed in Cosmetic Products(INCI)

– US National Volatile: Organic Compound Emission Standards for Consumer Products

Risk Assessment:

Take the pressure off with effective risk assessments:

Today more than ever companies are under immense pressure to mitigate risks throughout their processes in order to meet the strict demands of regulators, and ensure the safety of their personnel and assets. Cost pressures and a dwindling pool of experienced talent present significant challenges to improving Safety, Health & Environment processes. In order to meet these demands and keep your employees safe, you need a systematic way of identifying high priority risks and properly allocating capital towards minimizing exposure – and a method to retain that critical experience and knowledge.

With BMA’s proven enterprise software modules, content and domain expertise you can strengthen and improve risk assessment processes including: Process Hazard Analysis (PHA), Management of Change (MOC), Job Safety Analysis (JSA), Security & Vulnerability Analysis (SVA), Fault Tree Analysis (FTA), and Bowtie Analysis.


We often encounter combinations of bacteria chain events as well as isolated contamination occurrences. These can be difficult to pin-point. We divide high bacteria count areas into Zones and with both our bio luminescent quantum dot “Bio detection Test Strips” and our mobile ATP, CFU laboratory equipment we can detect the bacteria types and quantities present in seconds, thus enabling us to identify problem areas and source and evaluate the contamination threats and transference Zones.

Once these zones have been identified and separated with individual monitoring protocols, we can archive this data allowing for the identification of seasonal trends to predict bacteria bloom events for individual specific industries, areas, water bodies, products or produce. BMS follows the bioburden testing procedure described in ISO 11737. Following extraction, aliquots are plated to determine the number of mesophilic aerobes, fungi and bacterial spores by genetic analysis (PCR) or array. Incubation under anaerobic conditions also is available.  

 Bioburden testing and microbial limits:

Often, it is necessary to evaluate non-sterile products for the presence of objectionable organisms, depending on the intended use of the material. BMS recommends a microbial limit approach for the evaluation for objectionable organisms. 

Microbial limits testing includes the quantitative phase of testing determining the bioburden of given manufacturing samples, and the number of total aerobic organisms, yeasts, and molds.

BMS systems are compliant with the bioburden testing procedure described in ISO 11737.

The qualitative phase of microbial limit testing examines samples per U.S. FDA criteria for “objectionable organisms.” For minimum coverage, these criteria require testing for the following:

  • bacteria Escherichia coli (E. coli)
  • bacteria Staphylococcus aureus (S. aureus)
  • yeast Candida albicans (C. albicans)
  • bacteria Pseudomonas aeruginosa (Ps. aeruginosa)
  • fungus Aspergillus niger (A. niger)

BMS uses partner laboratories in bioburden testing and can provide you with advice on the best assay for your industry study or lot release needs

 Safety Management:  BMS Workplace Safety

Preventing workplace accidents and injuries, and promoting safe and healthy work places is important for all employers. However, managing the information related to work place safety instructions and emergency measures can be difficult and time consuming.

As a long-standing partner to the chemical industry, BMS Systems offer an effective, affordable solution to enable all manufacturers manufacturers to gain control over their data, regulatory requirements and safety protocols in a single “GO-TO” Solutions Company

The BMS Workplace Safety solution manages the work place safety information from one centralized database and offers capabilities to manage libraries, reporting and calculation algorithms. It quickly and easily generates documents that describe the advised handling of chemicals and hazardous materials, and the adequate protective measures to be taken as well as measures to be taken in case of an emergency. The Bio module plug-in offers the ultimate in worker health and safety.

BMS Workplace Safety Features:

  • Leverages Microsoft Word, Excel and Microsoft Access applications
  • Generates internal operating instructions for personnel coming into contact with or handling chemical substances on the work-floor.
  • Can offer multiple instructions for a single substance
  • Provides automatic selection of pictograms

If you want to outsource all or part of your SDS/MSDS production, we can meet your requirements with our in-house technical experts and linguists. Whether you are a Multinational, SME, Consortia or SIEF.

A complete MSDS/literature and/or regulatory service along with bio-management protection protocol design and monitoring for all your products in the languages, style and format you would like.

BMS Volume tracking   

Simplifies and automates regulatory volume tracking and reporting.

Currently volume tracking is available for:

  • REACH Substance Volume tracking for Tonnage band calculation for the EU.
  • REACH Substances of Very High Concern (SVHC) volume calculation in Mixtures and Article Bill of Materials (BOM) for the EU.
  • Inventory Update Reporting (IUR) for the US, including both volume tracking and uploading of data to the EPA via the BMS automated web-link.
  • Chemical Substance Control Law (CSCL) for Japan.

BMS REACH Substance Volume Tracking (EU)

BMS Volume Tracking is based on the structured input of commercial trade volumes of chemicals, product compositions, REACH parameters important for the calculation, chemicals allocation per legal entity (LE), Site, Business Unit (BU), and specific information. Key BMS features specific to REACH Substance Volume Tracking include:

  • Automated calculation of tonnage bands per substance per legal entity.
  • Automated alarms when Volumes meet threshold values.
  • Export to Excel® for Graphical presentation.
  • Simulations on estimated volume information.
  • Parameterized reporting with pivot tables.

REACH SVHC volume calculation in Mixtures and Article Bill of Materials

The calculation is based on the collection of mixture compositions and article BOM. Based on CAS, EC and EC Index numbers, BMS tracks listed SVHC and calculates the %ww in the structures. BMS can generate lists, overviews and letters to comply with REACH regulations.

Information and calculations are used to complete section 15 and Section 3 of the Extended Safety Data Sheet (eSDS) in compliance with REACH Annex II.

CDR Volume Tracking (U.S.)

BMS Volume Tracking is in use today for tracking volumes according to U.S. Chemical Data Reporting (CDR) requirements. Compliant with OSHA’s HAZcom 2012, ExESS Volume Tracking includes substance volume tracking, worker exposure tracking and usage tracking, as well as field-specific Confidential Business Information (CBI) tracking. ExESS Volume Tracking includes a special “Export to e-CDRweb” reporting feature that automates the creation of the XML upload file by site which greatly simplifies CDR submissions on the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA) website.

CSCL Volume Tracking (Japan)

BMS can be used to track the Japanese requirements to comply with the Chemical Substances Control Law (CSCL) volume tracking rules.


·         IMDG………………………….  International Maritime Dangerous Goods Code 

·         SDS/MSDS ……………….…..Material Safety data Sheet

·         SIEF[s1] …………………………... Substance Information Exchange Forum

·         SME………………………….. Small to Medium Enterprize

·         ATP testing ………………….."adenosine triphosphate". ATP is a coenzyme that cells use for energy storage

·         CFU…………………….…….. Colony Forming Units

·         SVA………………………….... Security & Vulnerability Analysis

·         PHA………………………..….. Process Hazard Analysis

·         MOC………………………….. Management of Change

·         JSA………………………….... Job Safety Analysis

·         FTA…………………………… Fault Tree Analysis

·         Bowtie Analysis…………….. The Bowtie method is a risk evaluation method that can be used to analyze and demonstrate         causal relationships in high risk scenarios.

·         AQUIRE……………………... Aquatic Information Retrieval

·         RTECS………………….....… Registry of Toxic Effects of Chemical Substances.

·         REACH……………………..… Regulation for Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals

·         ECHA…………………………. European Chemical Agency

·         GHS…………………….……. Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labelling of Chemicals

·         CDC…………………….……..CENTER FOR DISEASE CONTROL

·         P.O.S. ……………………..Point of Sale system