Dillon Francis Oberholzer


Latest Projects


Stretch Tents (2018)


Production Manager: Tentickle Tents

Position: Production Manager Contract: 6 Month Fixed (2018) Employees: 120 Facility Units: 4 Clients: International


Off-Grid Systems (2019)


Solar Powered - Reverse Osmosis System

5- KVA Solar Panel System Powering - Poultry Farm Reverse Osmosis System 550 litres /Hour / 12000 litres Per Day Installation - Caledon - South Africa


  • EH&S / REACH / ECHA / EPA / FDA / EIGA Regulatory.

  • Chemical / International / Regulatory Consulting. 

  • Bio Management Consulting / Industrial Assays. 

  • Agriculture / Aquaculture. 

  • Manufacturing / Plant Management. 

  • Electronics Interface. 

  • Bacteria remediation protocol design.

  • Roof Design and Construction Experience.

  • Outreach Programs. 

  • Ceramics Compounds & Glaze Technology.

  • Marketing & Sales Experience. 

  • Business Management Experience.

  • Import / Export Experience.

Dillon Francis Oberholzer

International Work Experience In General

Although much of my experience is marine based, one project and client has led to another,  bending into a myriad of different disciplines.

Please note that these pages are merely an insight into work I have done in the marine and other related industries around the world. I have spent much of my life sailing and working with marinas and boat yards. 

The moment I start a business the work has always poured in. This can be a bad thing as one tries to keep up with demand. It is hard to say no to a person who's boat is sinking or who's life long dream is to fix his dad's boat and go sailing with his family.

Many of the people I have worked with or for, could write books on various marine projects and yacht building techniques, as such I count my self as being fortunate to have worked with them. 

I am as comfortable taking direction from a client as I am an employer. When one is project focused, they are one and the same thing. The biggest difference are the myriad of legal and financial responsibilities and hours of book work that comes with owning your own company or operating as a subcontractor.