One of the multi hulls I have built 


Owner - Dr. Geoffrey Strange / Seattle 


Boat Building Retrospective  

My career in boat building has taken many a turn.  As a Boat Yard and marine service company owner, one has to cater to one's client's requirements and wishes, whilst covering the costly staff and shop overheads, which can be a juggle at times.

Being a marine professional, when dealing with boats you always have two clients; the boat owner and the boat itself.

Although you may make the client happy, your reputation is always on the line. The next owner of the boat, or the other boat owners in the marina in which the client's boat is birthed may look at the work you have done and give you a bad name if the work done is a little wild, extravagantly styled or "out there!"

Keeping within the lines of the boat is always a good idea. Traditional lines I enjoy following, even though much of my work has been in multi-hulls and modern styling incorporating new and interesting composite materials. 

Having worked on naval and military projects as well as interiors  and fashion design, patterning and material choice are one of the first areas I focus on.

Above in the buttons are links to what I regard as the three main materials of yacht construction available along with some interior projects done for some of my clients showing my experience in these areas.

I have also worked in the fourth ..... CEMENT ! 

Dillon Francis Oberholzer

Please note

That these pages are merely an insight into work I have done in the marine industry around the world. I have spent much of my life sailing and working in boat yards. Normally, as a business owner, I have regularly employed between 6 and 12 staff. The moment I start a business the work pours in. This can be a bad thing as one tries to keep up with demand. It is hard to say no to a person whose boat is sinking or whose life-long dream is to fix his dad's boat and go sailing with his family.

Dillon Francis Oberholzer