Germ Free

Bacterial Evaluation & Remediation Reports

As an individual part of an international group of affiliates, Germ Free offers a range of bio management solutions - tailored to our clients requirements.

Through our in-house and independent laboratory testing services - We offer analysis of various types of food and agricultural products, water and waste water, consumer products, soil and fertilizer,

Assessment of shelf life of consumables & food products, Antibacterial sensitive tests etc.

We take pride in sharing knowledge and expertise through training programs, workshops and seminars.

In keeping with this philosophy we provide consultancy services to our clients to achieve system certifications such as ISO 9000, ISO 22000, ISO 14000 etc.We also provide tailor made testing services to meet the various types of customer requirements

Germ Free / Bio-Management Reports:

  • Germ Free Surveys & Reports are designed to adhere to and work within EU, FDA, EPA, Halaal, Kosher, ISO as well as required local and international guidelines and standards.

  • Germ Free Bio-Burden Surveys are certified by independent internationally accredited laboratories.

  • Germ Free installs a Zone Managements System utilizing our QR coded test plates for the monitoring of bacteria within your facility..

  • Integration of our bacteria testing, recording and monitoring software is part of this service.

  • A minimum of 8 Zones will be set up and studied over a 1-month period with comparison control test plates.

  • Each Zone is tested weekly to create sufficient data to identify high pathogen count areas…

  • Thereby enabling Germ Free Bio-Management Solutions to design an ongoing protocol to increase the protection from pathogens within your facility.

Germ Free / Bio-Burden Surveys initially meter and identify pathogen problems in:

  • All Packaging facility line management, cleaning protocols and processes.

  • Facility building, machinery and equipment.( and maintenance thereof )

  • Worker contamination and contagion assessment throughout the processing line.

  • Processing equipment. Fruit wash / water pools, conveyors etc.

  • Farm, and or transport machinery, processes, and equipment including plastic protection,

  • Cover-alls and worker uniforms.

  • Final packing processes, supplies, boxes, films and protectors.

  • Shipping containers.

This 1 month survey includes a full report of Pathogen problems within the facility tested. Including an estimate for the costs and volumes of the specific Germ Free Antimicrobial products required along with a forecast of efficacy results.

This Bio-Burden Survey Report will take into account and apply to:

  • Bacteria problem identification (General Bio-Burden Count- Specie-Specific)

  • Bio-Zone Formation and Management / Remediation Protocols

  • Packing Protection Systems and antimicrobial usage protocol design for work-line incorporation.

  • Worker decontamination protocols with projected costs and benefits.

  • Identification of correct Germ Free product usage and dilutions throughout facility and production chain.

  • Produce and product shelf life extension forecast

  • Estimated reduction in produce loss due to bacterial contamination.

  • Best practice method for the Integration of Germ Free Antimicrobials within existing management protocols.

Zone Maping

Viable CFU Counts

Bacteria monitoring through River bed Layers

zone map.JPG

Bacteria monitoring through “Bloom” Events

Water Flow.JPG
River Bed Management.JPG

Annual Reports

Zone Average.JPG
  • Sampling and field work generally is done through Bio-Management Solutions.

  • Testing, colony counting, stain & dye work performed through our lab is ratified through independent, accredited laboratories

  • All data is processed and evaluated. prior to report creation