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Bacteria Eliminated

by Germ Free

Antimicrobial active compound

Staphylococcus aureus Elimination by Germ Free Antimicrobial active compound on Skin Pathogens Reported in # Viable Cells/ ml (Shake Flask Test)

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Germ Free Antimicrobial ‘Once-A-Month” is a totally unique anti microbial product. It should not be compared to other antimicrobial products for 10 key reasons:

1. Germ Free does not kill bacteria by poisoning.

  • This means that there is no possibility of bacteria building up any immunity (no super-bugs).

2. Germ Free is colourless and odourless.

  • This means that there are no unpleasant odours / no stains.

3. Germ Free Antimicrobial kills mechanically:

  • This means that when Germ Free is applied (and allowed to dry)

  • it leaves a thin bonded film that resembles millions of sword shaped road spikes – spikes that attract and kill bacteria.

  • Because Germ Free does not change during this process, one single application can last for a month or more (depending on the surface and the application).

4. Germ Free Antimicrobial lasts longer than chemical products:

  • Chemicals are effective until such time that the surface is contaminated again.

  • This can occur immediately – even something as innocent as a hand touching the surface can re-contaminate the area with bacteria.

5. Germ Free Antimicrobial is safe to use:

  • Germ Free Antimicrobial active compound has FDA recognition, EPA, TGA and ERMA registrations plus REACH, ECHA, NZFSA Approvals

  • as such is safe to humans and animals alike.

  • It has a similar “toxicity” rating to Vitamin C.

6. Germ Free Antimicrobial is non toxic and environmentally friendly:

  • Germ Free is made from raw organic compounds.

  • There is no harm to drains / waterways if Germ Free enters the system.

  • In fact, Germ Free helps with the water treatment process.

7. Germ Free Antimicrobial does not leach out of or off coated products or surfaces.

  • Because there is no leaching (once dried, there is no transfer from surface to surface),

  • Germ Free is not only food safe but safe for use within critical hygiene areas within child care, aged care centres and hospitals.

8. Germ Free Antimicrobial has been extensively tested:

  • These tests have been conducted at several Universities and Laboratories within the USA, Australia and New Zealand.

  • As such, all claims / test results are proven, verified and documented.

9. Germ Free Antimicrobials are ready to use.

  • All products are ready for application and do not require mixing or diluting. For best results, apply either as a spray & wipe or via a fogging (misting) application.

  • Depending on the amount applied, Germ Free dries in a matter of minutes.

10. Germ Free has a proven track record :

  • against bacteria, mould, fungi and viruses.

  • A complete list of tested products is available

The Above Chart Shows

  • the effectiveness of the Germ Free active compound against

  • Staphylococcus aureus.

  • Two samples of pigskin (#2 & 4) were treated with Germ Free Antimicrobial active compound and allowed to dry. Two additional samples of identical

  • pigskin (# 1 & 3) were untreated. The treated and untreated samples were exposed to the bacteria Staphylococcus aureus and samples taken and analysed at identical times.

  • The testing indicated that the Germ Free active ingredient killed all of the bacteria whereas the untreated skin actually allowed the bacteria to increase in population.

  • It should also be noted that the small (~1 sq. in.) of treated pigskin destroyed all S. aureus in the 100 ml. test solutions: 280,000,000 and 500,000,000 bacteria.

  • This demonstrates the ability of the Germ Free Antimicrobial active compound to destroy large concentrations of bacteria without being depleted or losing its antimicrobial activity.

  • This test would be similar to swirling a finger treated with Germ Free Antimicrobial “Once-A-Month” active compound in a broth of S. aureus and killing all the bacteria.

  • It should be emphasized that the Germ Free active compound destroys pathogens by a process called lysis, which is the piercing or disruption of the pathogens cell wall membrane.

  • This is unlike the action of antibiotics on the market today which function by binding to the cell or through cellular assimilation to produce cellular death.

  • The lysis of cellular membranes is effective against all types of Staphylococcus aureus, including the drug resistant types such as MRSA.

  • The process of cellular disruption does not increase or promote drug resistance in the contacting pathogens.

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